Look What The Love Brought In

by Jarhead

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This album is what happens when you don't have a job and you live in a smelly apartment for too long, trading wealth for coffee and cigarettes and shrugging all responsibilities for the lessor good.

On the other hand, it means a lot to me to present this to you.



released September 18, 2016

All songs written, recorded, and produced by Jarhead in his smelly apartment.



all rights reserved



Jarhead is a hot mess who makes music in Canada.

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Track Name: Lip Kiss
Lip Kiss

I get down with the best of them, you see me
coming around and you're tripping in your slippers, slipping up
It's not an easy task, you got a lot on your mind
and you never got the time for getting down with the worst of us
You got some blood on your lips but it tastes like licorice
I need a drink

Don't even think, no never drop the ball, you got a lot
on your hands but you're taking it down on your knees
No, I don't need to fight, I'm just a lover boy
So give me a kiss girl, on the lips, girl
How do you like me now?

I'm not your friend, I'm just a poor excuse for you to
give up the juice and I've been getting drunk a lot
And it's a matter of fact you're only wanting it back
because I took it away, checking out all the beautiful boys
You think you found you a toy but it's a stick of dynamite
about to blow

Oh no!

You're on a roll

It didn't matter at all
Track Name: Come On Over
Come On Over

Come on over!

Lately I've been feeling kinda low

I know it's wrong, you got a boy and I got sympathy
But it don't need to mean a thing, we can pretend like it's before
Come on over, I'm living in the same apartment by the liquor store
You know the one that never opens on time

Just want you to love me the way you used to love me when you loved me good
When we had a time at all times
Now something is on my mind and it's starting to get out of hand
And it's been sinking into my heart and I,
I just want you to love me
Just want you to love me
Just want you to luv me luv me luv me luv me luv me luv me luv me

Come on over girl
You can appreciate my body
You can insist that it means nothing
Just come on over

Come on over girl

I hesitate cause I want you back

Come on over
Track Name: Takin' Names
Takin' Names

You call me out of nowhere and say I'm on your mind
Well I did surely miss you, but darling I've been fine
Without your love

Now that it is over, I've been moving on
You maybe broke my heart there, but I am feeling stronger
Without your love

I know what you're missing and I hope you find a way
To give your heart to someone, instead of taking names

Without your love

I'll be fine
Track Name: God Only Knows (An Interlude)
God Only Knows (An Interlude)

Take it slow, god only knows where I've been
I'm on a roll, heavily medicated
Please don't pretend, it makes it harder, you know
Seventy-four reasons why I shouldn't go

Come on inside, it's so much brighter in here
Look at me now, laughing like I couldn't care
I'm not going up, think I would rather go down
There's something in the way

You look at me like I'm an angel
Track Name: What I Know
What I Know

I know a boy who was better off alone
He'd say whatever he could to keep them away

I knew a girl who could change her mind on a dime,
Pick up her things and leave with no word nor a note to explain


I've seen people who look like they don't see a thing
Maybe I'm wrong, but I'd rather be dead than be living that way, honestly

I know some things are better off unknown
The truth stinks more than the bullshit I've grown to believe
Track Name: Day Drinker
Day Drinker

Every day looks a lot like the other one
Getting up, waking drunk, and I'm feeling so happy
So happy!
When I'm out of my head and I want a release
I take a sip, just a bit and I start to feel alright
Everything's fine

And it feels good, and it feels right,
If you got some, baby won't you, please

Something off, something dead, something wrong in my head
Take a look, you're a looker, baby, aren't you? ;)
Yeah, you're so cute
Living hard, yeah we're living for the minute
I didn't write that, but it sure feels good to say it

If it feels good, if it feels right
And you got some, baby won't you, please
Pour a little bit on me
Track Name: Can't Get Over It
Can't Get Over It

Is it strange I open up to you like this
After all our time apart, you know?
I fell for a girl who says she likes me
And I hope she doesn't change her mind
Cause damn, I just can't get over it

Back in the day I was a fool and I haven't changed much
But I'm working on myself now
I hope it ain't too late to show her I am worth a damn
Someone make this boy a man, dang
Cause I can't get over it

I fell in love
Track Name: Getting By
Getting By

Damn, I lost it all again, when things were looking better
Never thought I'd be back here, no
I've been slumming it out for so long, think I'd get used to it
But I've been known to complain
Sometimes it's hard baby, just getting by

My darling I don't know better, but I'll try to get by honestly
My darling I don't know how to do better, but it'll try to get by honestly
It's bringing me down

Take all of the things that you love and throw 'em out the window
That's exactly how this feels
Maybe I'm better at messing it up, maybe I'm out of luck
Or maybe I'm just inclined to look at the bad side of things

My darling I don't know better, but I'll try to get by honestly
My darling I don't know how to do better, but it'll try to get by
Honestly, it's bringing me down