by Jarhead

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This album is best served chilled with a side of cheap beer and cigarettes. Can also be enjoyed warmed in the comfort of your bathtub with a bottle of red wine.


released August 17, 2015

Written, Recorded, Produced and Deep Fried by Jarhead



all rights reserved



Jarhead is a hot mess who makes music in Canada.

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Track Name: Debbie
I live alone, Debbie
I have a job, Debbie
But I'm no good, Debbie
But I'm no good

I'm a bad boy, tried and true
I'm a bad, bad boy for you
Track Name: Corine
Tell me what you want
It's not that hard
No, it's not that easy
It's not that easy


I'm treading water every time we talk
I'm getting in over my head, my time is up


It's not that easy
Track Name: Where Do You Get Off?
Caught in a lover's quarrel
Taking it all wrong
Something about that
Ready to get you down

Where do I get off?

Picking beside me
A rat of a small breed
Talking about you
Telling me bad things

Where do you get off?

You are all wrong.

Where do you get off?
Track Name: Sleep
Track Name: Karen
Kayla, I forgot your name
But I won't forget the memory

Karen, you're open and lovely
You're all that you said that you would be

But I'm holding for somebody new

I need the whole thing

Diane, I need the whole thing
Track Name: Madeline
You're just a girl with nothing but an open mind
I'm just a boy hoping that I get a try
And if it's good for you then it is good for me
But if you want to, girl, then you can up and leave

I can't help it, it takes over me
I've been told I'm not alone

You said I act like I am different
Easy said, but nothing's ever different
I can play your fool if you got time to waste
You can play the one who doesn't give a shit

I can't help it, it takes over me
I've been told I'm not alone

I'm gonna lay here like I laid all night
I'm gonna love you like you're Madeline

It used to mean something
It used to mean a lot
Track Name: Anna
Get out, you're blocking the view
You're making a mess on the bed
Pull back, there's nothing to do
You're perched like a fly on the wall

Come on, you couldn't wait any longer
You couldn't trust in your head
You think that you should but you don't

Dead eye, you're looking for a piece of honest advice
With all your head in the sand
You're wishing the best from the world

Well come on, you couldn't hold it together
You're breaking all of the rules
I've taken off for another
You shouldn't hold me to that

You've got time to do something good

Anna, you're somebody else's problem now
Track Name: Babe (End)
I feel happy whenever you're around
Any time you talk to me
It's like a party, but I don't even drink
And I'd be lying if I said I want you to leave

I'm growing older, getting bold and moving on
And I like the way it feels
I've been hopeful but it looks like death to me
When to see you happy is putting me to sleep

What did I do to myself?

I want you to go
But I don't want you to go like that