Death To The Dream

by Jarhead

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A few years ago I wrote and recorded demos for what was supposed to be the first Jarhead album, but I never finished them and then I forgot all about it.

Only a handful of people have heard these songs. I've made some small fixes, but mostly it's the same.

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Happy poo year.

Jar <3


released January 21, 2014



all rights reserved



Jarhead is a hot mess who makes music in Canada.

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Track Name: Confider
Today I have nothing to do but complain, I don't need a reason
to tell the girl who rules the world all your thoughts
Yeah, you better leave them alone

I won't tell a soul

So throw a parade on the living room floor, it's never been easy
Drink what you want, it's the best, it's on us
Yeah, we're feeling green today.
But if you wanna say what you think, you'll have to go through me

I won't tell a soul

I won't tell a soul ;)
Track Name: Retrospect
I drank too much today
I don't really mind
I give myself away every fucking time

In other words

Needle in time
Track Name: Tend
Rest is all I want, rest is what you have
What kind of party is this? Where are all my friends?

Make it lighter for me, make it kind of fun
Take a picture for the memory, cause I feel this isn't one

When I'm not alone I tend to feel lonely

Throw it out the window, take it away from me
I've had enough to stand still, that's exactly what I need

When I'm not alone I tend to feel lonely
Track Name: Ghosts / Interlude
Golden, is that what you said?
We're close, is that what you meant?

Haunted, is that what you want?
We're happy, is that what you need?

What about me?

What about you?
Track Name: Hoarders
And I'm opening your shades
Nothing left for us to do
Stained the carpet in your room
Give him a try

In the morning I'll see straight
For a time all things are clear
You're always leaving things around
Keep it in time
Track Name: Thieves
So that's how you'll make a mess of me
In the dark we're made of promises we'll never keep
If you want I'll feign some jealousy
You never steer me wrong

Don't expect a lover out of me, I always prove you wrong
When it's time to go I'll make a scene
I always prove you wrong

When you ask a little sympathy I only steal your gold
Track Name: Libraries / Relief
Only lovely when we're wasting time
It's better when it's hard to find
I've been looking for a place in time
But nothing ever happens twice

Turn me over when I'm in the row
Better time when I don't have to go
If you will and if you won't it's fine
I've been honest cause it's hard to lie


I won't release you now

It's quiet in your room, it's not how I'm inside
I find you suffer cause you never tell me anything true
Track Name: Blueshift
I'm a thundering bore, tell me I'm bright again
I see a closing door

I'm an iron child, I'm an old cliche
Throw out my old photographs
They only make me weep

I'm swinging, life in reverse

I see a willow fall, I hear a cry on repeat
When it's again my turn, I'll always

pause and resume