Lovesick Stupid Playlist

by Jarhead

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This album is called a Lovesick Stupid Playlist.


released March 8, 2015



all rights reserved



Jarhead is a hot mess who makes music in Canada.

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Track Name: Berlin
I was a fool in Moscow
I was a fool in Berlin
I played stupid in Alaska

I played Scarlett with your neighbour
I played all those stupid games
I was a fool with your father
I was a fool in your bed
Track Name: Definitely
I fell off of the couch
This floor is not so bad
Think I'm inclined to stay

My bed is open to you
That's just the way it is
My head has gone for a spin
Think I like feeling this

It's not very hard
I know it is not very hard
Track Name: Double Vision
I waited enough
Track Name: Good Friends (Are Hard To Find)
It's on again
Maybe it's right again
You know what's best for me
But I'm drawn to the other things

Can you come over? Come on

She's a kind of friend
And she's leaving it
I like your face
It reminds me of something else

Can you come over? Come on

There's ghosts in the rooms
Track Name: An Honest Answer
It's a nightmare for all those involved
There is no exit point
It's an honest mistake I made
Honey, I slipped away

It's a bad photograph of us
We used to look happier
I used to know what to say
Honey, I slipped away
Track Name: Ezra
Ezra, it's all for you
To make you happy, to make you new
Hold my head in your hands
Turn the lights, take me to bed

Ezra, I'm not alone
I have a girl who doesn't know
Who you are or where I am
When I leave her in my head

I shut the door to my heart
In my eyes we're all apart
Ezra, do you agree?
What do you think? What do you believe?

Ezra, where is your head?
You left me once, don't go again
I couldn't take another blow
My heart repeats what it doesn't know
Track Name: Man, It's Far
I did want you to love me
Track Name: Party Tricks
I will bow out if you ask me to
It's not a party, it's just a crowded room
I've been social, I've been drinking a lot
I've been all out, you remember that

In a shoe box, in a parking lot
Find it spinning underneath my feet
I've been writing but I was never any good
It always turns out worse than in my head

I will love you alone, isn't that what you said?
Track Name: Mood Swings
Hope it's better now
I've been waiting for you

I can't find what I was looking for

Think I lost my shit
But I've been contemplating

I can't tell what I was looking for

Think I made a mess
Such a pity party

I can't stay here anymore